6 Most Shocking Pregnancy Moments of 2013

A look back at the craziest, sweetest, and most inspiring baby-making moments of the year.
6 Most Shocking Pregnancy Moments of 2013

From royals to reality stars, 2013 was big on baby bumps! Join us as we count down the biggest pregnancy moments of the year.

#6: Gwen & Gavin are at it Again

Gwen Stefani and husband Gavin Rossdale already have two beautiful sons, Kingston, 7, and Zuma, 4. That's why the world was so surprised and excited for the No Doubt singer when she emerged with a brand new baby bump this year.

#5: Back-to-Back Babies

Megan Fox, Jessica Simpson, and Drew Barrymore are setting a new trend: getting pregnant again only months after giving birth! Docs recommend spacing pregnancies a bit more to allow your body to recover from the trauma of birth, so you might want to think twice before following in their footsteps.

#4: Dolphin Births are a Major Don't

A North Carolina couple decided that their all-natural water birth wouldn't be complete without having the labor and delivery attended by ... dolphins. That's right. This couple was dead-set on having wild dolphins to act as their doulas. We are seriously hoping they changed their mind before their baby's July due date -- maybe no news was good news in this case!

#3: Miscarriage goes Mainstream

Beyoncé and other celebrities spoke openly about their miscarriages this year, making the all-too-common tragedy a little less taboo. Let's hope this helps remove the stigma, and that it reminds women who've experienced similar loss that they're not alone in their grief.

#2: Car Mechanic Saves Millions of Moms and Babies

Argentinian car mechanic Jorge Odón invented a new device that can safely retrieve babies stuck in the birth canal during obstructed labor. The device was backed by the World Health Organization and is predicted to save millions of moms and babies.

#1: A Very Royal Birth

The world was captivated by Kate Middleton's entire pregnancy, but when she actually went into labor, everyone went bananas. Millions of well-wishers across the world watched live webcasts of the scene outside the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital in London where the Duchess was giving birth to the future king.

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