One Dad's Two-Month Paternity Leave

November 18: Day 16

I'm starting to get it now. This job is one part crisis management, nine parts cruise director. If you don't schedule something to do, there is nothing to do.

This afternoon I find myself inside the house, trapped by the rain (the stroller canopy leaks) and dumbfounded as to what to do with Audrey. Finally I swoop her upstairs and rifle through her drawers -- say, what does your mom keep in here, anyway? -- and find a baby sling. We try it on and she really enjoys it for a while. It kills some time, but more than that, I'm having fun. Goofing off with my kid is becoming this job's biggest perk.

The challenge is maximizing Daddy fun time and minimizing the chores. It's a shame that I'm not together enough to plan several meals in advance, because going to the supermarket every day is getting old fast. Take today's dilemma: Do I cut into Audrey's nap and go buy pork chops now to beat the coming rain, or do I wait and risk getting soaked?

And there is one lingering question: How much longer can I put off vacuuming the living room?

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