5 Plus-Size Maternity Fashion Tips

2. Embrace Loyalty Among the Racks

If you already know of and trust a plus-size store, ask if they have a maternity line. Even if they don't in their stores, they may have catalogue or online maternity options (often with free return shipping, so you can swap sizes easily).

Otherwise, select a plus-size store with a maternity line that offers clothing options you can afford and can feel both beautiful and comfortable in. (See "Where to Shop" on the next page for ideas.) Finding a brand that fits you in all the right places can be the hardest part, and there's no shame in sticking to one brand and purchasing all of your maternity essentials there. Don't hesitate to get fitted, because many plus-size brands have unique sizing. Also, buy maternity clothes in your pre-baby size: "Talk to [a salesperson] who knows the line. Start at lingerie, go into denim, and work your way up into stuff that you wear every day," Matthias says.

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