The Maternity Clothing Debate

Yes to Maternity Clothes

Ready and willing to jump into a new maternity wardrobe? Here are some things to remember:

  • Shop around! Don't just limit yourself to the popular maternity clothing stores. Visit consignment shops, garage sales, and even eBay for hand-me-downs. Search the Web for sites dedicated to maternity wear, such as Japanese Weekend Maternity or iMaternity.

  • Invest in good undergarments that will take you through your pregnancy with no hassle. Find your exact maternity bra size.

  • Find maternity clothes while shopping for milk at Target and Wal-Mart.
  • Borrow from friends and relatives who just had babies, or are looking to get rid of their older maternity wear (steer clear of anything too dated-looking, which may be economical but may make you feel frumpy).
  • Buy one or two outfits that you feel beautiful and confident in. Pair these pieces with other items to create a wardrobe of figure-flattering duds.
  • For the working mom-to-be, have fun looking for work-appropriate gear. To look professional, stick with a more neutral color palette, such as black, charcoal, olive, camel, and even some red, for accent.
  • Look for more form-fitting articles of clothing to show off that bump, not to hide it! Of more than 3,000 readers polled, 50 percent said that they were happy to participate in the pregnancy fashion trends that show off a mom-to-be's curves. (Thirty-three percent said they appreciated the style, but chose, themselves, to cover up, and only 16 percent wished those curves would stay clothed.) Take it from our readers: Pregnancy's a time to look and feel great!

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