The Maternity Clothing Debate

No to Maternity Clothes

If you are a mom-to-be who plans on not wearing maternity clothes, here are some tips for you:

  • Elastic waistbands and drawstring bottoms may make you cringe (they're historically unhip, we know), but they will treat your baby bump kindly by not constricting your slowly stretching skin. Many clothing stores -- even more high-end boutiques -- sell pants and skirts with elastic in them, so you can experiment with colors and patterns. And with elastic, you can choose to wear your clothing over the bump or below it to suit your comfort -- and style -- level.
  • Soft knits have a similar appeal because they are forgiving. Many are also made with stretch, which ups the comfort level. Pair a soft knit skirt with a similar colored top worn untucked.
  • For working moms who need to be dressed formally, you can utilize your blazers and cardigans by wearing them unbuttoned. Pair them with a cute shell or blouse underneath!
  • The ultimate tip? Buy regular clothes one or two sizes larger than what you are currently, and use them throughout your pregnancy. In addition, these pieces can be great transitional items for after your pregnancy when your body has yet to get back to its pre-baby size.
  • Wear low-rise pants below your growing belly.
  • The Bella Band is a knit elastic band for pregnant women to be worn over unbuttoned pants or unbuttoned skirts. It will hide all zippers and buttons, while keeping your pants or skirts where they belong. It can be worn peeking through to create a layered look, or can be hidden under your top. Different versions of this belly band are available on the Internet. Added bonus: These bands are super helpful after baby is born.


  • Opt for clothes with Lycra and spandex.
  • Wear your partner's clothes. Long-sleeved oxford shirts worn tied and rolled up over a camisole can be a sexy maternity clothing alternative. Also wear your favorite old T-shirts and sport a long tank top in one size larger than normal to layer underneath as your belly grows and the T-shirt rises up.
  • For those crafty moms-to-be, make holes by the zipper on your pants and use ribbon to lace it up, instead of zippering. This will allow the pants to grow with you as your belly does. This trick works well after baby is born as well.

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