The Maternity Clothing Debate

Should you buy maternity clothes to get you through your pregnancy or just rely on the wardrobe you already have? Here are tips for whichever you decide.

Maximizing Your Current Wardrobe

hands holding pregnant belly with purple tank top and tan skirt


You're pregnant, hooray! But now what to do about your wardrobe? As your body begins to change and your belly grows, you'll have the opportunity to sport the latest in maternity fashion, which can make you look fabulous but cost a lot. Or, perhaps you will buck the mom-to-be threads and utilize your current clothing (okay, and maybe your partner's) throughout all nine months (and afterward). Whatever you decide, every woman could use a little help in the clothing department, so read on.

Making Adjustments

In the first four months, it is feasible (depending on the size of your growing bump) for most pregnant women to adjust their clothing so that it is still wearable. Here's some help:

  • Longer-fitting shirts and blouses work well, as do tunics, stretchy tanks, and tees.
  • Sport one of your favorite skirts and wear it a little higher on your stomach, making sure not to constrict your precious cargo, of course. (This would just be uncomfortable for you, but wouldn't hurt your baby.)
  • Dig out your looser-fitting pants and flowy tops during this stage.
  • Your favorite pair of jeans can be worn comfortably for a while with the help of a rubber band or elastic hair tie looped through the buttonhole and wrapped around the button.
  • Go ahead and unbutton that top button of your pants, using a large safety pin to secure them, and conceal the evidence with a longer top or wide belt.

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