Dressing for Two

Shoe Savvy

As your pregnancy progresses, you might notice that your shoes feel tight. "Your feet and legs will most likely swell as your body retains extra fluid," says Dr. Jennifer Niebyl. You'll want to pick shoes that are about a half size larger than your current size to allow for swelling and to maintain good circulation. You may also find your feet have become wider because of ligament-stretching relaxin -- a hormone -- and your arch may drop, so consider arch-support inserts.

In your later months, be careful about shoe styles too. As your belly grows, your center of gravity will shift forward, says Dr. Niebyl, so shoes that provide stability are critical. Skip the heels. Instead, find a flat shoe or stable kitten heel. And during your third trimester, forget the laces -- bending over will be a challenge. Go for mules, clogs, or boots that slip on and off easily.

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