Dressing for Two

Work or Dress-Up Clothes

Your work and party wardrobes depend on your job environment and social schedule, but there are a few staples to stock up on. Start with every woman's essential -- the simple black maternity dress. Choose a streamlined knit dress, either short-sleeved or sleeveless. Pair it with a blazer for the boardroom, or jazz it up with a funky wrap for a night out. Empire waists or A-line dresses will flatter your new figure, but wrap styles can also adjust to your growing belly.

For super dress-up affairs, save money by buying a tunic with a little sparkle and pairing it with a black skirt, fancy accessories, and dramatic makeup. Or get a sexy halter top. "I think styles that show off shoulders look phenomenal on pregnant women," says maternity-wear designer Liz Lange. "Just make sure you invest in a supportive strapless bra to go underneath."

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