Maternity Clothes

Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you can't be stylish. Build a simple maternity wardrobe with clothes that flatter you and your growing body. Here you'll find maternity clothing ideas and get access to the maternity clothing section of the Shop.

Maternity Clothing Essentials

The It Moms, Holly and Marni, shop for maternity clothes that every mom-to-be needs in her closet.

5 Maternity Must-Haves

The best pieces for your maternity wardrobe.

The Maternity Clothing Debate

Should you buy maternity clothes to get you through your pregnancy or just rely on the wardrobe you already have? Here are tips for whichever you decide.

Comfy (Not Frumpy!) Clothes

Loungewear that keeps you looking lovely during pregnancy.

6 Tips for a Stylish Pregnancy

Being pregnant doesn't mean you can't keep up with the trends and feel fashionable. According to Jody Kozlow Gardner, coauthor of Pregnancy Chic: The Fashion Survival Guide (Villard), the key to dressing modern and sexy during pregnancy is to pick out the trends you like and adapt them to your new body. Check out these tips to up your pregnancy style quotient.

Best Maternity Jeans

Your ultimate guide to finding the most flattering jeans ever. Do not buy anything without consulting this list!

16 Staples for Your Maternity Wardrobe

Cute, comfy clothes cut to flatter your new shape will give you a major confidence boost while your body builds a baby.

Buying a Maternity Bra

Buying a bra isn't as simple as it was before your pregnancy.

6 Tips on What to Wear After Baby

You've given birth, but you're hardly your usual size and shape. Here's what to wear for your postpartum months.

What to Do When None of Your Clothes Fit

Feel like you're entering a fashion crisis? If nothing fits or looks quite right, try these tips to help you through this rather awkward stage.

Accessorize When Pregnant

Dress up your maternity wardrobe.

Use a Belly Band

How to wear a belly band all during your pregnancy.

Gotta Have It: Maternity Swimwear

Our picks for the most bumpalicious bathing suits for summer preggos.

5 Plus-Size Maternity Fashion Tips

Plus-size and pregnant? Here's what you need to know about shopping for plus-size maternity clothes.

Are Your Shoes Fit for Pregnancy?

Your feet need extra pampering when you're pregnant! Check out our helpful tips to keep your tootsies healthy and comfortable.

Finding a Good Pregnancy Bra

As your pregnancy breasts develop, be sure you take care of them! Check out our tips on finding a new bra.

We Heart Red: Lovely Pregnancy Style

Dark colors may be the most slimming, but adding a little crimson to your wardrobe can brighten the drab winter days.

Maternity Style Secrets

Look your best during every trimester!

Maternity Fashion Flashback

In honor of American Baby's 75th Anniversary, we dusted off our archived issues to bring you vintage maternity styles, hilarious to hideous.

Rosie Pope's Style Tips for Mom-to-Be

Pregnancy style guru, Rosie Pope, gives practical advice for looking great with baby on board.