A Need to Nest

Have you suddenly, mysteriously turned into a neat freak? Your nesting instinct may be kicking in--learn to channel it safely.

A Phenomenon

Organization is not my strong point. I keep tax receipts and yoga-center brochures in the same folder, and my closet floor is a gnarly jumble of shoes and gloves. One frantic morning, I even tossed my wallet in the refrigerator and slipped my lunch into my purse. (No, I learned, bus drivers do not accept turkey on rye as payment.)

Then, while I was pregnant, my attitude suddenly did a 180. I opened my medicine chest one day and gasped at the tangle of bandages, tweezers, and bottles within. How had I lived like this? I set everything shipshape -- then cleaned the sink and tub. As I was scouring the tiles with a toothbrush, my husband walked in. "What on earth are you doing?" he gasped, peering around in disbelief.

That's when I realized: I was nesting!

Maybe you've heard of this behavioral phenomenon before -- or are in the throes of it right now. The overwhelming urge to clean and organize your home often strikes in mid- to late pregnancy, turning even the most laid-back housekeeper into a mop-wielding maniac. Luckily, there are ways to channel this burst of energy constructively -- so stop ironing your baby's socks for a minute, and learn how.

Pregnancy Month by Month: Month 7
Pregnancy Month by Month: Month 7

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