Understanding and Managing Pregnancy Mood Swings

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Expectant mothers from across the country gathered for an online chat with americanbaby.com. These women are experiencing a wide range of emotions: fatigue, anxiety, guilt, fear, and, above all, profound joy. Here are some of their comments:

Juliet (seven months pregnant; Brandon, MS): "I slept through the first trimester, but I was more energetic after that. You feel better and you get your appetite back. You finally notice your pants getting tighter and think, 'Wow, I'm pregnant and I feel good. And I still look good!' It's so exciting wondering what it will feel like when the baby moves, and then later on, when it finally does, seeing it make ripples on your stomach."

Deborah (nearly three months pregnant with her second child; Kansas City, MO): "With my first pregnancy, my emotions were really erratic. Anything could set me off. My husband and I got into more fights over things like housework, and I cried very easily. This time I feel mostly guilty and overwhelmed. Sydney just turned a year old. She's very active and wants lots of attention. I feel bad for wanting to rest instead of play with her."

Lyn (four months pregnant; San Diego, CA): "Early on, my biggest fear was that I might miscarry. Now, I worry about what to do about work. I also have anxious thoughts about how much our lifestyle will change. It won't be as spontaneous or relaxed as my husband and I are used to."

Carol (five months pregnant; Princeton, NJ): "Sometimes I envision myself holding my child's hand as we cross the street. I also try to picture my husband being a dad. He's never been that comfortable with kids, but now that we're expecting, he's been spending more time with children. I look at him interacting with them and feel tears welling up as I think: 'This is so cool!'"

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