Understanding and Managing Pregnancy Mood Swings

What Can I Do?

Here are some tips to help you get through the emotional struggle:

1. Don't worry about your worrying. Some psychologists actually view these anxieties as a reflection of your growing attachment to your fetus. But to get the reassurance you need, discuss your fears with your health-care provider. Some moms-to-be even feel better having more frequent prenatal checkups just to be extra sure that their pregnancy is progressing normally.

2. Prepare an action plan. "It's very anxiety-relieving to be planning for the future, rather than just ruminating about it," notes Lieberman. So do some research and gather information about the things that worry you the most. Seek out opportunities to mingle with other moms-to-be in exercise groups, childbirth classes, and baby-care classes.

3. Ask other parents how they cope. Talk to working mothers about how they selected their child-care arrangements, and find out how they manage to balance their careers and family life. Financial and health issues are a huge worry for many parents-to-be. But, "the burdens will lighten when you share them with others and come to realize you're not alone," Lieberman says.

4. Dream. Don't be surprised if you become obsessed with anything baby-related and begin dreaming about babies every night -- and day. Dream on! These reveries are a way of getting ready for motherhood, and of bonding with your child, says Cavaiani. Fantasies let you glimpse the euphoria that you'll feel when you first lay eyes on your little one.

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