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During the first trimester of my wife's pregnancy her weight stayed the same and I put on 10 pounds. -- Lawrence Kutner

Couvade is a heavily documented, seemingly inexplicable phenomenon in which expectant fathers experience pregnancy-like symptoms. According to various studies, 10 to 65 percent of fathers-to-be complain of nausea, heartburn, insomnia, weight gain, and even labor pains.

A partial explanation may be found in the timing of couvades, which typically appears around the third week (when the reality of pregnancy sinks in) and resurfaces near the end of the third trimester (when birth is near). Perhaps couvade is a physical manifestation of emotional reactions to imminent fatherhood.

Whatever its cause, the existence of couvade is a reminder that expectant fathers are profoundly affected by pregnancy.

Affirmation: The father of my child deserves my attention and respect.

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