10 Daily Mom-to-Be Meditations

Loss of Control

I feel invaded by an alien from another planet. -- Expectant Mother

Do you feel as if your body is no longer your own? As if you woke up one day to discover an alien being running your life?

It's natural to feel both wonderstruck and resentful at the constant presence and never-ending demands of your unseen child. You eat a brownie and provoke a riot. You try to sleep, only to be kicked again and again. If it seems as if you've lost control...well...you have.

Surrendering to your baby's needs is one of the spiritual tasks of pregnancy. You learn to give up control and give yourself to something bigger and more compelling. Sometimes it's easy; sometimes it's a struggle.

It's okay to feel resentful. You have lost a lot. But you've gained a lot more.

Affirmation: I accept that my baby is running the show.

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