10 Daily Mom-to-Be Meditations


And when our baby stirs and struggles to be born It compels humility; what we began Is now its own. -- Anne Ridler

Though you've gone to great lengths to have a healthy pregnancy, you may feel humble as you realize the greater forces of nature at work in your baby's development. Rocking the baby in the still of the night, you may feel humble as you come to understand that a unique and amazing being has been placed in your care. Sending your child off to kindergarten, you may feel humble as you accept that, no matter how protective you are, your son or daughter is vulnerable to life.

You recognize the paradoxes of parenting: Your child is of you, yet he or she is an entirely separate person. You are your child's protector, yet you can't always keep him or her safe. You can cradle your child, but you must remember that his or her fate is out of your hands.

Affirmation: I humbly accept the role of guardian.

Reprinted from Reflections for Expectant Mothers: 40 Weeks of Daily Meditations by arrangement with Simon & Schuster. Copyright 2002 by Ellen Sue Stern. All rights reserved.

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