10 Daily Mom-to-Be Meditations

The journey of pregnancy can be a long and difficult one. These 10 meditations will help keep you going.

Ups and Downs

Reflections Expectant Mothers

While others may accompany you along the road to motherhood, in many ways pregnancy is a solitary journey. It's impossible for anyone -- your partner, your friends, your family -- to fully understand and appreciate what you're feeling. The first kick, the first time your jeans won't zip up, and the first contraction are indescribable, intensely personal experiences.

Here are some steps that will help you honor experiences like these and get in touch with your thoughts, emotions, and desires at each step of your journey.

Ups and Downs

Two things in the world you never regret: a swim in the ocean, the birth of a child. -- Mary Gordon

Embarking on pregnancy is a lot like stepping into the ocean. You approach the mercurial water and slowly wade in, never sure when a wave will knock you down.

Sometimes you'll keep your head above water, swimming along with swift, sure strokes. Other times you'll surrender, letting the waves wash over you.

Give yourself to the powerful ebb and flow of nature and to the rhythms of your own body.

Affirmation: I can go with the flow.

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