5 Common Pregnancy Fears

Will I Lose Myself?

You've begun your third trimester, and life has never felt so demanding. There are baby accessories to buy, hospital forms to complete, and doctor appointments to attend. Suddenly, in the midst of all these errands, you wonder: What about me?

"It's true that life will change after your baby is born, but not so drastically that you'll have no time for yourself," says Diane Sanford, PhD, coauthor of Postpartum Survival Guide (New Harbinger). "Try to continue doing the things you did before the baby was born, especially the things you really enjoyed." You can arrange periodically for a caregiver, but also keep in mind that babies during their first year are pretty easy to take along, whether you're going to a friend's house, a museum, or the mall.

Sanford also points out that motherhood is often a path toward finding, rather than losing, yourself -- and a doorway to personal growth. "Spiritually, you may start to get a new sense of being part of a bigger purpose in the universe," she says.

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