Birth Announcements

Birth announcements are a fun customary way of sharing the news that your baby was born. Here we'll give you ideas on how to photograph your baby, where to buy birth announcements, how to make a creative homemade birth announcement, and more.

Easy Wording for Birth Announcements

Your baby birth announcement doesn't have to be complicated -- just a few lines of important information will have everyone cooing about your newborn.

Easy-to-Make Photo Birth Announcements

Check out these adorable photo birth announcements from our sister site, BHG Life in Photos.

The President, the Pope, and Mickey Mouse Want Your Baby's Birth Announcement

Yes, believe it or not, you can send your birth announcements to the White House, Disney, and the Vatican and receive a signed reply -- perfect as a keepsake!

10 Adorable DIY Birth Announcements

Check out these adorable birth announcements made by real moms.

Birth Announcement Etiquette--Don't Mess This Up!

When should you send your baby birth announcement? And do you have to send it to everyone? We have the answers to these questions (and more) to help you make the right steps.

5 Fun Ways to Share Your Birth Announcement on Facebook

Try one of these creative ideas to share a baby birth announcement for your new bundle of joy.

Celebrity Baby Birth Announcements

A flash of a teeny-tiny foot. A photo collage. A shout-it-from-the-rooftops tweet. Even celebrities aren't immune to the excitement of finally seeing a brand-new baby after nine long months. From Ashton Kutcher to Zoe Saldana, here are the adorable ways some A-list parents have announced the arrival of their little love nugget -- whether through Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Birth Announcements for Babies With Special Needs

Should you share sensitive info about your newborn's health issues on the baby birth announcement? Get advice from parents raising kids with special needs.

Your Lower Risk of Miscarriage

The risk of having a miscarriage decreases greatly this week.

Your Friends' Reactions

How are your friends reacting to your pregnancy? No doubt your nonmommy friends may react quite differently than your friends with families of their own.

"I'm Pregnant, World!"

Have you shared the good news? Now may be the perfect time to let the world know a baby is on the way!

Every Disney Fan Must See This 'Lion King' Birth Announcement

Meet baby Simba, er, Kaiori, in this awesome birth announcement video inspired by Disney's The Lion King!

Dad-to-Be Turns Girlfriend's Pregnant Belly Into Epic Artworks

A dad-to-be got creative with his girlfriend's pregnant belly, turning it into landscapes and other stunning artwork.