Bed Rest: 19 Survival Supplies

More and more women find themselves bound to bed rest during pregnancy. Stock up on these supplies if you find yourself among the nearly one million moms-to-be told to put your feet up. Some easy planning can help you feel more comfortable and keep you busy, too!

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Your shopping list

Doctors prescribe bed rest to moms-to-be to help both you and your baby, if there are risks of pregnancy complications (such as fibroids, placenta previa, preeclampsia, and intrauterine growth retardation. If you find yourself being told to put your feet up for the next few months, stock up on these supplies to help you keep busy and feel comfy. This simple shopping list can definitely help you fight hunger, loneliness and make your rest time more convenient and enjoyable.

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Side table or lap desk

A bedside table or lap desk for reading, writing, eating, crafts, puzzles, and games is paramount on your bed rest supply list.

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Radio or baby monitor

If you're on strict bed rest -- no getting up at all (unless you're using the restroom, and even that only under accompaniment) -- a two-way radio or baby monitor can be essential. Both will help you communicate easily with people in other rooms.

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Be sure to keep your cell phone or cordless phone with you at all times. Aside from a great emergency tool, your phone can be an indispensable pick-me-up when you feel lonely or anxious.

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Phone or address book

Splurge on a nice address book and spend some time logging in all your favorite numbers. Then, reach out and pick up the phone! Plan visits, order things for you and Baby, and enjoy camaraderie with far-flung friends and family.

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Organizing unit

Keep your corner tidy with good organizer. A simple box or a special tray will help you keep your TV and DVD remotes, phone, and other important accessories in an easy-to-access spot.

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Laptop computer

One of the most essential tools in your bed rest survival guide is a notebook computer with Internet connection. Research pregnancy, stay on top of current events, social network with other bed rest moms, plan for baby, and enjoy some online shopping and more.

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Get out the envelopes, your favorite pen, and some special stationary paper and practice the dying art of snail mail correspondence! Everyone loves getting a hand-written letter ... and you might gain a few pen pals, too.

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Art supplies

Always wondered if you might have an inner Van Gogh? Explore your own creativity and spend some time with a sketch pad, paints, clay, or your knitting needles. Art projects you make now will have extra-special significance to you and Baby later on.

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Games and cards

Keep a few small board games and a deck of cards near your bedside and ring friends to come over for game night (or for a long lunch).

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A few jigsaw puzzles, 3-D puzzles, and crossword puzzles. Although your physical activities are currently being limited -- that doesn't mean you can't work out your brain! Give your noggin something to do with fun puzzles and word and number games.

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Reading materials

Plenty of books, newspapers, and magazines. Now is a great time to catch up on your reading list!

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Healthy snacks

A variety of healthy snacks such as fresh chopped vegetables, crackers, and fruit are all good munchies to keep at hands reach. Avoid salty and sugary treats. You and Baby will have to be especially careful with your diet since your activity levels are limited.

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Gum and mints

A stock of gum and breath mints can help you feel fresh and add a spark of energy when you're heading into an afternoon slump.

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Blankets and pillows

Keep a supply of extra blankets and pillows nearby. Sitting still for long periods can create sore legs, stiff back, and a kinked neck. Ask for help and rearrange or add pillows when you begin to feel an ache setting in.

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Bathrobe and slippers

Keep these handy, for quick trips out of bed. Slipping into a pretty bathrobe and slippers and lounging on a couch or on top of your bed can be a refreshing change of pace as well!

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Wipes and tissues

A box of tissues and cleansing wipes. What is it about some commercials that make us cry during pregnancy? Keep tissues handy for tears and snuffly pregnancy noses, as well as quick clean ups.

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Body lotion

Your favorite hand and body lotion is a great way to treat yourself to an in-bed spa! Enlist your spouse to rub some on your back and feet and enjoy some quality time together.

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Lip balm

Keep your favorite lip balm or lipstick handy. It helps keep your lips moist and does wonders when you need a quick pick-me-up (or if visitors are on their way).

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Hairbrush and comb

Splurge on an extra-nice hairbrush or comb and keep it at your bedside for keeping tendrils in control.

Excerpted from the Ages & Stages weekly pregnancy newsletter, Week 36.

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