Your Complete Guide to Bed Rest

Surviving Bed Rest


Here's how some women have passed the hours (and days) in bed or on the couch:

  • Sherri Clemente, of Flanders, New Jersey, used her laptop in bed to enroll in online graduate classes. She also listened to audiotapes to learn Portuguese, her husband's native language.
  • For Sharyn Frankel, of Millbury, Massachusetts, making friends with other women hospitalized for bed rest helped. Consider Internet sites like, a support network for high-risk pregnancies, as well as message boards such as bedrestbookbuddies at Yahoo! Groups.
  • Some women try to tackle that box of unorganized photos or take up long-neglected hobbies, such as knitting.
  • Sarah Bilston, of Hartford, Connecticut, used her two experiences with bed rest to write a novel called -- what else? -- Bed Rest (Avon). She also penned a fictitious blog,, based on her novel's character.

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