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Work it, Mama
If you can do your job remotely (and your ob-gyn says it's okay to work), set up a satellite office in your bed. This will help preserve your maternity or disability leave so you don't use it all or max out your payment benefits before your baby even comes home. Kim Ritter, of Fairfield, Iowa, credits work with keeping her from climbing the walls when she was hospitalized for eight weeks with preeclampsia while pregnant with her son, now 20 months. Best of all: "I didn't miss a single paycheck and was able to take my full maternity leave."

Deck the Nursery
When you're in full-tilt nesting mode, it's beyond frustrating to be confined to bed. But it is possible to pull everything together remotely for your new arrival. Shannon Fable, of Boulder, Colorado, hadn't registered for anything for her daughter, now 2, when she was hustled into the hospital with more than three months to go before her due date. She rallied her Facebook network to help her pick out baby gear. "Each week I'd post something like, 'What couldn't you live without? What didn't you need?' " she says. "I collected ideas and then sent my husband to the store without panicking that he'd get the wrong thing." If only there were an app for crib assembly!

Stay Social
Skype, FaceTime, TokBox, and iChat, and similar services let you attend parent-teacher conferences, join your besties for brunch, keep up with your book-club discussion -- you name it. When Fable's mom couldn't visit her in the hospital, the two Skyped weekly "so she could see me and know I was all right," Fable says. "It helped reassure us both."

Give yourself a gold star for every day you get through. Although it may seem as if you're only napping or catching up on DVR'd American Idol episodes, you're actually working very hard -- you're growing a baby!

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