Pregnancy Belly Art: 23 Surprising and Creative Painted Bumps

Celebrities like Mariah Carey may be fueling the painted belly trend, but everyday moms are on board too. For some moms, a beautiful bump is a blank canvas just waiting to be painted with amazing, hilarious, or downright adorable designs. Have a laugh or get inspired to create your own belly art with our favorite reader-submitted painted bellies.

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Painted Watermelon Belly

Remember thinking, as a kid, that swallowing a watermelon seed meant you would soon be growing a watermelon in your belly? Thankfully you're growing a baby in there, but by week 40 he will be the size of a watermelon, so have some fun by having your bump painted to look like one.

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Precious Moments Belly Art

The best picture you have of your baby at this point is a sonogram, so feel free to use your imagination and have an adorable baby painted on your belly. This mom used a classic Precious Moments doll for inspiration.

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Courtesy of user anshaytull1

Painted Mom in the Moon Belly

For many women, pregnancy is a spiritual and seemingly magical time. Celebrate this phase in your life with an image that pays tribute to motherhood like the celestial one on this mom-to-be.

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Courtesy of user jcjunkers

Painted Koi Pond Belly

Break out the blue paint and have koi fish and water lilies added to your belly for a tranquil scene like the one on this soon-to-be mom.

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Courtesy of user Kry101709

Henna Tree Belly

Henna is a natural dye from a plant that's used to create temporary tattoos, like the tree on this expectant mom. Because it's natural, henna is just the thing for moms who want a more subtle and earthy take on pregnancy art.

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Courtesy of user joshuadatig

Handprint Belly

Ward off feelings of jealousy about the new baby by letting your big kids have some fun with your belly. In later years, they'll love showing their younger sibling pictures they painted on mom's belly when he was still in it!

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Courtesy of user tlk25

Painted Snowman Belly

Just because it's winter doesn't mean you have to keep your belly hidden. Use Frosty as inspiration for festive belly art.

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Courtesy of user kmanglin

X-Ray Vision Belly Art

Pregnancy art doesn't just have to be for laughs. For a more serious look, try having what your baby actually looks like painted on your belly. You can even do it every month and take pictures of your (and your baby's) growth.

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Courtesy of user eveliquette1

Painted Ladybug Belly

Show your friends and family your adoration for your unborn lovebug by having a cute ladybug painted on your belly.

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Courtesy of user turbofoxphoto

Painted Mother Earth Belly

You can have the whole world in your hands with this pregnancy art option that conjures up thoughts of beautiful Mother Earth.

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Courtesy of user gdoyle444

Sporty Bump Art

There's no way to guarantee that your baby will be as athletic as you, but having a volleyball (or baseball, golf ball, basketball, etc.) painted on your belly can't hurt.

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Courtesy of user conjon4

Baby Face Belly

Have someone draw a baby on your bump, then grab a pacifier from all your baby shower gear and stick it in your belly button. Congrats! You have a baby! Let's hope your actual labor goes that smoothly.

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Courtesy of user sunsetlola

Painted Magic 8 Ball Belly

Is it a boy? Is it a girl? Only the Magic 8 Ball knows for sure, so try this look when you're ready to announce your baby's gender to friends and family.

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Courtesy of user cgregoryrun

Painted Charlie Brown Belly

Take advantage of your new "outie" belly button and use it as the nose of a cute cartoon character. Charlie Brown, with his one curl of hair and simple smile, is quick to draw, but still easily recognizable.

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Courtesy of user jnkagcaoili1

Hawaiian Spirit Belly

By its simplest definition, an 'Aumakua', in Hawaiian tradition, is the spirit of one's ancestors, often represented by an animal. If you want to try this look, have your family sit down and discuss what animal or symbol best represents your relatives.

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Courtesy of user hangstadt1

Painted Fishbowl Belly

Your baby's movements inside your belly might remind you of a fish, which could be where this expectant mom got the idea to have a fishbowl painted on her belly. A big blue circle and a couple of goldfish are all you need to get this look.

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Courtesy of user mrsclausen1

Jungle-Themed Pregnancy Art

Kiddie-themed animal scenes are always fitting on pregnant bellies. Who knows, they might even provide last-minute inspiration for an unfinished nursery (giraffes are gender neutral, right?).

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Courtesy of user usarmygreen_bab

Clown Face Painted Belly

Let's face it--the silly face your kids painted on your belly probably won't be your most flattering look. But watching your kids laugh and get excited about the new baby together will make this belly art more than worth it.

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Courtesy of user Romansmommy13

Creepy Eyeball Belly

Just because your baby isn't here yet doesn't mean he should miss out on Halloween. Have your bump painted like a creepy eye for a scary look, or stick to a pumpkin for a more classic costume.

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Courtesy of user katieyoung14

Easter Egg Painted Belly

Being very pregnant may keep you sidelined for the annual Easter egg hunt, but it shouldn't keep you from joining in on the celebration. Any brightly colored pattern will turn your belly into the best decorated egg of the day.

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Courtesy of user billaxgirl

Temporary Belly Tattoos

If you're not feeling artistic but still want in on the belly art trend, try temporary tattoos. Lots of companies design temporary tattoos specifically for pregnant women. They're easy to apply (no messy paint!), long-lasting, and guaranteed to get some laughs.

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Painted Basketball Belly

If your big bump is keeping you off the court, get your basketball fix by donning your favorite jersey and a painted orange and black belly.

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