Maternity Photography: A Growing Pregnancy Trend

More mothers-to-be are celebrating their growing bellies in print, with the help of professional photographers.

Sarah Merians on Maternity Photography

Pregnant Mom In Retro Top Laughing Photos by Sarah Merians Photography & Company

In 1991, a very pregnant Demi Moore appeared nude on the cover of Vanity Fair. With that iconic cover, a sea change occurred in how pregnancy is portrayed in print. Pregnancy is no longer something to be hidden underneath a muumuu, but something to be celebrated in all its glory. recently talked with Sarah Merians and other photographers at Sarah Merians Photography & Company in New York City. The photographers talked about some of their favorite maternity shoots, as well as the trends in this very special sort of photography. From preparing the mom-to-be to "model," to managing the privacy and intimacy of these shoots, these professional photographers give the lowdown on this growing maternity trend.

More information about Sarah Merians Photography & Company. Sarah, as one of the leading "event" photographers in New York City, what's your take on how attitudes are changing toward pregnancy and how it's portrayed in photography?

Sarah Merians: Women are obviously getting much more comfortable with their bodies, and I think that trend started with the Vanity Fair article way back when. In looking back, it definitely broke the mold. It definitely celebrated that moment in moving forward.

I would have to say that when the Vanity Fair came out...probably 10 percent of women would've been interested in [doing] a [maternity] photo shoot. Now, I have to believe that probably 50 percent of [pregnant] women would be interested, and probably of that 50 percent, maybe 30 percent will act on it. These statistics are going to change -- eventually, eight out of 10 women will say, "Definitely, I want a maternity shoot."

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