My Pregnant Life

During this rapidly changing time in your life, you'll have a lot to think and dream about. No doubt your baby-to-be is at the center of your attention, but don't forget to take time for you, too! Here we've compiled the ultimate guide to life during pregnancy: maternity clothes, getting your sleep, maternity leave, and more.

Do This, Not That: Sex Positions to Skip When You're Pregnant

What's safe (and what isn't) when you're having sex during pregnancy.

10 Movies to Watch When You're Expecting

Pregnancy may be natural, but it's also surreal. (Think about it: There's a baby growing inside you!) It helps to know what you're in for -- which is why Hollywood can be a pregnant woman's BFF. From on-screen moms-to-be bitching about hemorrhoids or seducing their ob-gyns, these are the 10 best movies to watch when you're pregnant.

The Truth About Due Dates

Only 5 percent of women give birth when they think they will. Read on to find out when your baby will make his appearance.

10 Amazing Push Gifts

Whether or not you're a first-time mommy, you deserve a push present. Check out our favorite gifts and start dropping hints to your hubby before you deliver.

Sex During Pregnancy: 9 Celebs Reveal All

Angelina Jolie, Snooki, and other celeb moms reveal their cravings for, questions about, and weird experiences when it comes to pregnancy sex.

Giving Birth: What To Bring to the Hospital

Rosie Pope shares a few key items you won't want to be without on delivery day.

How to Have Great Postpartum Sex

Yes, you can have great sex after pregnancy!

Q&A: How Soon Can You Find Out Baby's Sex?

Dr. Elizabeth Pryor answers the question, How soon can you learn: He or she?

5 Things You'll Do Differently as a Second-Time Mom

There's a lot that changes when you have a second child. For starters: Your parenting expectations.

25 Things to Do Before You Deliver

A planner for a sane (and fun!) third trimester: your last hurrah list, smart maternity-leave strategies, and crucial conversations to have with your partner before Birth Day.

5 Secrets to Beautiful Pregnant Belly Photos

Here, our top tips from the pros on how to take beautiful pregnancy photos.

Pregnancy Sex Tips: Should You Stop Having Sex

Should you stop having sex now that you're pregnant? Find out what's safe and what's not.

Whoa! 3 Sons, 3 Super-Strong Reactions to Their Mom's Pregnancy News

Well, at least this mom knows exactly how her sons feel about adding another sibling to the family.

5 Crazy Ways Your Breasts Change During Pregnancy

From growing a full cup size to leaking colostrum, we're betting you didnat know all five of these wow-inspiring things about your pregnant breasts!

Pregnancy Sex Tips: Have Fun Sex and Get Pregnant

Trying to conceive doesn't have to feel like work. Here's how to make your sex life more fun.

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