The 6 Nutrients Mothers Need Most

De-stress, lose post-baby pounds, and gain energy with these vital vitamins and minerals.

Better Your Life



Have you ever found yourself making a meal out of leftovers from your child's plate or grazing on cold pizza in front of the fridge? I have -- and I'm a dietitian! Moms get so caught up in making sure our kids are well nourished that we sometimes neglect our own eating habits. Maybe that's why 25% of white women and 45% of black women weigh nine pounds or more 10 to 18 months after giving birth than before they got pregnant, according to the Institute of Medicine in Washington, DC. Fortunately, the six nutrients below address your most pressing health concerns -- they increase your energy level, improve your mood, bolster your immunity, and even help with post-pregnancy weight loss. Read on -- it'll better your life!

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