Celebrity Workout

Target Your Thighs & Buttocks (3 ? Minutes)


Dorian Caster

1a. Lunge, Deal, and SquatPick up 20 playing cards with your left hand. Step forward with the right leg and do a lunge. Deal one card down by the instep of the forward foot. Push back into starting position; repeat four more times until five cards are down. Pick up all cards and switch hands and feet, lunging with the left leg and holding cards in the right hand.


Dorian Caster

1b. Once five cards are down, take the last 15 cards in either hand. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Lower the body into a squat, placing a card in front of you between your feet. Repeat until all the cards are down. (Over time, gradually increase the benefits of each workout on your glutes, quads, and hamstrings by doing one or two additional lunges.)


Dorian Caster

2.Stairs on the Chair Stand up, facing a sturdy chair that has been pushed against a wall. (You can use the chair anywhere if you have a partner for spotting.) Put your right foot on the chair, then lift up and get your left foot on the chair. Step down with the right foot and repeat. Hold on to a partner or the wall for balance. Do five times starting with the right foot; repeat five times starting with the left foot. Repeat the Tricep Dip, and then perform another round of this exercise. If you find that the chair is too tall for you, use a sturdy stool or a step in your house instead.

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