5 Causes of Weight Gain Moms Should Know About


Sadness, fatigue, or changes in sleep can be signs of depression. So can ballooning weight -- even Kevin Federline told the world how his blues made him belly up to bad food choices. "Depression slows you down. You can sleep too long and be too down to go to the gym," Dr. Peeke says. Because levels of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that signals pleasure, and serotonin, a mood modulator, are lower in depressed people, it's natural to crave food to give you a boost, so you're likely to gain weight.

The Treatment Speak to your doctor about a possible combination of therapy, antidepressants, physical activity, proper nutrition, and building up your support system. Talking things out with a trained specialist may help you to understand the triggers for your problems -- and keep you from turning to food for comfort, says Dr. Peeke. Even inviting a friend to take a walk with you can help lift your spirits and shrink your waistline.

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