Summer Pregnancy Survival Guide

Summer Maternity Clothes Pointers

Bryana Gibson, another first-time mom who experienced a summer pregnancy, discovered that summer pregnancies bring more clothing options that, for some, are stylish and affordable. She adds, "All of the maternity clothes are fairly cheap in relation to winter maternity wear." Old Navy and Target have dedicated maternity lines that are both affordable and stylish, with Target having called on renowned maternity fashion designer Liz Lange for styles.

Use these summer style tricks to your advantage.

  • Emphasize your new cleavage with empire-waisted tops.
  • Cool off your feet by sporting a cute, inexpensive pair of flip-flops.
  • Take advantage of the forgiving feel of flowing peasant skirts.
  • Drape your belly in lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk.
  • Experiment with different dress styles to see which looks and feels the best on your body: halter, strapless, shirtdress, and wrap.
  • Matte jersey tank dresses are great for a super humid day and can be dressed up or down depending on occasion.
  • Try to find clothing with stretch to accommodate that growing belly.
  • Experiment with monochromatic outfits, but add a punch of color with accessories with a handbag, shoes, or other accessories.
  • Show off your beautiful figure by sporting a one- or two-piece swimsuit, depending on your comfort level.
  • Don't forget the power of a great hoop earring!

Real Moms' Summer Pregnancy Solutions

Moran, who struggled with the humidity in her hometown of Levittown, New York, discovered that one way to relieve her discomfort was by frequenting the community swimming pool. She added, "The best aspect of being pregnant in summer is being able to swim and get some weight off the legs." Moran gave birth to her beautiful daughter, Gabriella, in October.

Gibson found the Houston heat was causing her to sweat excessively. To combat this, she searched for maternity clothes that would keep her cool. What she found, to her delight, were plenty of maternity fashion options that were cool, and fairly inexpensive. Gibson was most thrilled about not having to buy a winter maternity coat, which she said is "expensive and impractical." She also said, "For the first time in my life I wasn't embarrassed in a swimsuit." Gibson gave birth to her adorable son, Zac, in July.

Dr. DuMond notes that heat can exacerbate existing pregnancy concerns. "Dehydration can predispose women to preterm labor, and so pregnant women have to be extra careful in the summer months." But on the flip side, DuMond notes, "Many women actually appreciate a summer pregnancy, because they don't have to bundle up in lots of layers over an already-growing belly."

Originally published on, May 2006.

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