Summer Pregnancy Survival Guide

It's easier than you think to stay cool and comfortable when you're pregnant during the summer months. Here's everything you need to know about summer skincare, maternity clothes, and more.

Comfort Essentials & Summer Tips

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First-time mom-to-be Deanna Moran found the New York humidity to be uncomfortable and overwhelming during her summer pregnancy. "You are always hot and no matter how high the air conditioning is turned up it just is never good enough," she said.

Like the over 1 million expectant moms last summer, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, Moran found that being pregnant during the hot and sticky days (and nights) of summer had its downsides. But Dr. Sara DuMond, a mom and pediatrician in South Carolina, says that there's a definite plus to carrying during this time. "Delivering in a warm weather month means that both mom and baby will be able to get fresh air, which can be vitally important," DuMond says.

With a little preparation and these simple tips, you'll be able to keep your cool -- and enjoy! -- your summer pregnancy.

Tips for a Cool & Healthy Summer

Does just thinking about venturing outside in the summer heat make you wilt? Don't let rising temperatures stop you from enjoying yourself. Follow these tips on how to stay cool and healthy.

  • Do outdoor tasks in the morning or evening when the sun is lower and temperatures are cooler.
  • When temperatures exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit, stay indoors in the shade near a fan or air conditioner.
  • Wear light-colored clothing.
  • Drink plenty of liquids to remain hydrated. Sports drinks with electrolytes can help replace lost salt and retain fluid.
  • Sip a cold "mocktail," like this Pina Colada Smoothie: Combine 6 ounces frozen coconut yogurt, 1/2 a frozen banana, 1/2 of a 20-ounce can of crushed pineapple, and 1 cup milk; blend until smooth.
  • Carry a spray bottle of water with you at all times.
  • Apply sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher 20 minutes before going into sun. Reapply throughout the day.
  • Take quick showers frequently to keep cool.
  • Put feet up to alleviate swelling.
  • Minimize salt intake, which will combat water retention.
  • Take frequent naps.
  • Ask for help if you're too tired to cook, clean, or run errands.
  • Beware of typical barbecue foods, such as potato salad and coleslaw that, when left out in the sun, can sour and cause stomach upset.
  • Clear your calendar. If it doesn't absolutely need to be done now, or by you, don't do it.

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