Dental Care for a Healthy Pregnancy

Good Habits

Make a Date with Your Dentist

No one loves going, but preventive care is more important than ever now. "We don't want any surprises, especially if they require undergoing an emergency treatment during pregnancy," says Sally Cram, D.D.S., a periodontist in Washington, D.C. If it's been six months since your last cleaning, arrange a visit ASAP.

Stick to Your Cleaning Schedule

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Less than a third of women go to the dentist while they're expecting -- not good, considering that a pregnancy lasts nine months and most people need a cleaning every six. Your dentist may want to see you every three or four months if you're prone to gingivitis. Check with your insurance company, suggests Amy Bevan, a mom of two in Sudbury, Massachusetts, and manager of a dental practice: "Some are starting to cover more frequent cleanings for pregnant women."

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