The Pampered Pregnancy

Every mother-to-be wants to feel as pampered as possible in the months leading up to her big day. And nine months can feel pretty long if you don't take the time to pamper your changing self. Here are some tips to make your life as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

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Get Rubbed!

You don't even have to splurge on a fancy hour-plus massage; simply spring for the extra 10-minute backrub after a manicure or pedicure. Or trade back rubs with your partner -- the one-on-one time will help you both feel great!

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Hire Help

Don't feel like scouring the shower? Get once-a-month housekeeping for an extra hand.

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Sleep, Sleep, Sleep!

We can't say it enough -- lots of sleep makes for a happier mama. Nap, snooze, and sleep in whenever you can.

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Curl Up

But, with anything but those expecting books! You're likely bombarded with way too much info as it is, so use these months to catch up on all the great reads you know you may never get to once baby arrives.

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Treat Yourself

Splurge on one great piece of maternity wear, whether it's super-comfy jeans or a great dress. Slipping on something you just love is an instant mood-booster.

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Do Yoga

Give prenatal yoga a try. Even if you don't know a Downward-facing Dog from a German shepherd, it's still a great way to bond with other expectant moms -- and make instant friends for your baby!

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Make Music

Charge 20 dollars to your iTunes account for a needed music update. Pretty soon, baby will be able to listen to your selections, so why not expose her to all your faves -- whether they're today's Top 40 or timeless classics.

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Take the time to sit on the playground swings, make a picnic in the backyard, visit your local arcade, take an afternoon off and see a matinee -- find something fun to do just for you. You deserve a break!

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