Sources of Calcium

Nutritionist Maria Pari-Keener, MS, RD, answers the question, Can fortified orange juice provide enough calcium?


I'm lactose intolerant, so I've been drinking calcium-enriched orange juice instead of milk during my pregnancy. Is the juice a sufficient calcium substitute for dairy products like milk and cheese?


A glass of calcium-fortified orange juice contains the same amount of calcium as a glass of milk and can help lactose-intolerant people get their daily requirement of 1000 mg of calcium. However, I would suggest that lactose intolerant people use a lactase supplement, such as Lactaid, with dairy foods. Dairy foods have nutrients not found in orange juice, such as vitamin D (fortified milk), B vitamins, and protein. Yogurt and hard cheese are good sources of calcium but don't contain a lot of lactose, so they shouldn't be a problem for lactose-intolerant people. A varied diet is best for getting all the nutrients you need, especially during pregnancy.

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