Pregnant and Hungry

I Need a Sugar Fix

2. I'm exhausted and craving sugar.

Pregnancy cravings

Kaysh Shinn

Many of us reach for food when we're exhausted, in a last-ditch effort to rev ourselves back into gear. Again, we usually reach for sweet, carb-loaded snacks, as they affect our blood sugar the fastest. Trouble is, fill up on those, and you'll never want the grilled turkey burger or the avocado, which are packed with nutrients you need.

The solution? First, eat a small, healthy snack, and promise yourself you'll address the craving afterward, when you're in a better frame of mind to manage portion size. Quick snack ideas include yogurt and fruit, string cheese and nuts, and soy chips with hummus.

To keep your cravings from getting out of control, buy individually wrapped, single-portion treats, and keep them in the freezer. Enjoy one with a glass of something warm (warm drinks curb appetite), like sugar-free cocoa, decaf tea, or skim milk with honey. If you don't trust yourself to stop at one, keep nothing tempting in the house, and go out for your daily treat (one scoop of ice cream, one cookie, one latte).

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