Morning Sickness Strategies

Taming Your Tummy

Nondietary triggers like excessive motion and loud noises can make morning sickness worse. As best you can, steer clear of strong smells and get lots of fresh air: Take a short walk outside during your lunch break, or sleep with a window left slightly open. Moving at a snail's pace helps too. "Don't bound out of bed in the morning," Dr. Yost says. "Give yourself extra time to sit up, and slowly get ready for your day."

Managing your stress also makes a big difference. "Tension exacerbates morning sickness," Dr. Dattel warns.Recent research has shown that acupressure can also provide some relief. Wristbands, such as over-the-counter Sea-Bands or the prescription ReliefBand, work by interrupting nausea signals to the brain. "The wristbands didn’t completely cure me, but I felt better -- and vomited a lot less," says Jenny Hansell, of Sharon, Connecticut.

Another option: ginger. Studies have found that ginger capsules can help reduce morning-sickness symptoms. Since some brands of ginger ale don't contain enough real ginger to be beneficial, talk with your doctor or pharmacist about ginger candies. Or try making your own ginger tea (after checking with your doctor): Cut two thick, dime-size slices of fresh ginger (available at your grocery store), then steep them in boiling water for five to ten minutes. Remove slices, then add brown sugar, honey, or lemon to taste.

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