Morning Sickness: Causes and Coping

Info on morning sickness and how to feel better if you've got it.

Unsettled Belly

I like to call weeks four through eight of my pregnancy the Saltine Days. That was when the nausea set in, big time. I felt like I was on the deck of a ship as it pitched in rough weather. And one of the few things that got me through that time was the trusty bag of crackers I toted -- and nibbled -- everywhere.

It turns out that I was lucky. My morning sickness -- a misnomer if ever there was one -- was restricted to those early weeks, then disappeared completely. Other pregnant women are not as fortunate. Just ask Amy Brayfield of Atlanta. "The first time I threw up, I didn't even know I was pregnant," she says. "I thought it was bad Thai food." Unfortunately, she spent the rest of her pregnancy -- morning, noon, and night -- heading for the bathroom. "I even got sick on the way to the hospital when I was in labor," she says.

So what causes these tummy troubles, and what can you do to get some relief? Here's everything you need to know about this rather unpleasant but usually short-lived part of pregnancy.

Morning Sickness During Pregnancy: When to Worry
Morning Sickness During Pregnancy: When to Worry

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