Traveling While Pregnant

Road-Trip Survival

Most doctors suggest limiting drive time to six hours a day to maintain healthy blood flow. If you can avoid it, don't take a long car ride alone. Bring a companion in case you hit a snag -- or if you need to catch some shut-eye en route. Be sure to pack lots of water and snacks. Regularly scheduled rest stops are a must to keep circulation flowing and to allow for bathroom breaks, of course! Stick to major highways and know where local hospitals are, particularly if you're going into rural areas. If you want to stave off nausea or carsickness, it's safe to use Sea-Bands, Benadryl, or Dramamine, says Sheila Chhutani, MD, an ob-gyn at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.

Remember to wear your seat belt, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. Buckle up as you normally do, with your lap belt fitting snugly below your bump. Try to keep 10 inches or more between your seat and the dashboard and leave the airbag on. Not only will this protect you, but your baby will be safer too.

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