Travel During Pregnancy

Make your upcoming trip safer and more comfortable.

Essential Information

Most pregnant women can travel safely until close to their due date. But the guidelines for traveling can vary, based on how far along you are, your level of discomfort, your methods and destination of travel, and whether your pregnancy is high risk. Talk to your doctor before you begin to plan your trip -- certain kinds of travel during pregnancy may not be recommended if you have health problems that need special medical care.

Before departing, ask your doctor for:

  • A full checkup
  • The name of a doctor in the area where you will be staying in case of an emergency
  • A copy of your medical record to take with you if you
  • A list of safe nonprescription medications, such as motion-sickness pills or laxatives

If you're traveling overseas, make sure:

  • You have all necessary immunizations
  • You know whether the food and water are safe at your destination
  • Your medical insurance is valid overseas
  • You are aware of symptoms that may indicate contraction of a disease

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