RX and Pregnancy - What Medications are Safe?

Q: Can I take Zyrtec when I'm pregnant?

CATEGORY B: Considered safe in animal studies but there are no human studies.

A: Yes. However, while this popular antihistamine is considered safe, it should be taken only if necessary. "If your nose is running all the time and you're sneezing non-stop, you can consider taking it if your doctor gives you the OK," says Dr. Roshan. But always use caution when driving, since this medication can cause drowsiness. "Even though Zyrtec is considered a 'non-sedating' antihistamine, it should be used with caution until you know how it affects you," adds Dr. Hakakha.

Also, if you're taking other medications, research whether these drugs may also prompt drowsiness. "Talk to your doctors," says Dr. Hakakha. "During pregnancy, you want all of the physicians treating you to talk with one another and make sure you're being treated in the most optimal way. In addition, remember to always consult with your ob-gyn or pediatrician if you're planning to breastfeed, as some medications are okay during pregnancy but not if you're breastfeeding, and vice versa."

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