Truth About Herbal Remedies

Advice for Nursing Moms

If you're planning to breastfeed, you should continue to avoid herbal remedies, since these substances can pass to your baby through breast milk. New moms should especially avoid fenugreek, an herb traditionally used to increase a nursing mother's milk supply, since there are no studies to prove this herb is safe for your baby. Fenugreek, which is used for digestive discomforts, should also be avoided in pregnancy, as it can cause uterine contractions.

For more information on this topic, visit The March of Dimes is a national health agency whose mission is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects and prematurity.


Dr. Richard Schwarz, obstetrical consultant to the March of Dimes, is past president of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and vice chairman for Clinical Services, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Maimonides Medical Center as well as emeritus distinguished service professor of obstetrics and gynecology, SUNY Downstate Medical Center, both in Brooklyn.

Originally published in American Baby magazine, February 2006.

Updated February 2010

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