Walking During Pregnancy

Try one of the safest and simplest forms of exercise.

Best Walking Tips

If you're pregnant, doctors recommend exercising so that your body will withstand the rigors of labor and delivery more easily. Walking is a great way to feel good and become more fit.

Before you get walking, learn some easy and sensible tips to make the most of your walk:

  • Stand tall. Stand up straight and use your abdominal muscles to support your back. Practice relaxing your stomach, then pulling it back in so you get a feel for what it means to hold in your abs. If you're very pregnant, you may want to wear a maternity belt under your clothes for additional abdominal support. A maternity belt is a wide band that goes under your tummy for support. You can buy one in a maternity store or catalog.
  • Look ahead. Look at the ground a few steps ahead of you -- not straight down (which strains your neck and hunches your shoulders) or far off into the distance (in case you have to dodge people or tackle tough terrain).
  • Get into position. Keep your elbows close to your body, your shoulders back slightly, and your elbows bent. Hold your hands in light fists, as if you're grasping an egg.
  • Start off small. Begin walking in short strides. Long ones can hurt your hips and pelvic area, which are loosened by hormones released during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Workouts: Second Trimester Fitness
Pregnancy Workouts: Second Trimester Fitness

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