Easy Treadmill Workout for Moms-to-Be

If the weather isn't cooperating, or if you simply want a change of pace, try this 30-minute interval-based treadmill routine. We've included suggested speeds and incline levels; bring it up or down depending on your fitness level.

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5-Minute Warm-Up

After stretching, start at a pace where you can feel your heart rate come up, but where you could comfortably maintain a conversation.

Pace: 3.0 mph; incline level: .5 percent

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5-Minute Speed Interval

Speed up your pace until you're at pace where you're slightly out of breath.

Pace: 3.5; incline: 1.5

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2-Minute Recovery

Return to your warm-up pace. You should be able to breathe out of your nose by the end of this period (continue the recovery period for as long as you need to).

Pace: 3.0; incline: 1.0

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5-Minute Speed/Hill Interval

Speed up your pace again, and this time, add a slight incline (try a 1 percent incline first, and add more if you can comfortably maintain the same pace).

Pace: 3.5; incline: 3.0

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2-Minute Recovery

Slow down your pace, but this time, keep your incline level the same. If you're still feeling out of breath throughout this recovery period, lower the incline level.

Pace: 3.0; incline: 3.0

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5-Minute Speed/Hill Interval

Repeat the previous interval, and try adding another percent to the incline.

Pace: 3.5; incline: 4.0

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2-Minute Recovery

Bring down your pace to 3.0 for the first minute, then 2.5 for the second minute; lower the incline by 1 percent every 30 seconds.

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5-Minute Cool-Down & Stretch

For the first two minutes, lower your pace to 2.5 and incline level to .5, then to flat incline for the last three minutes. At the end of your cool-down period, your breathing should be slow and controlled before you step off the treadmill to stretch.

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