Benefits of Pregnancy Exercise

Discover why keeping in shape is good for the body and mind.

Pregnancy Changes

Exercising regularly is beneficial because it helps build your bones and muscles, increases your energy level, and keeps you healthy. Exercise during pregnancy has the added benefit of helping you look and feel your best at a time when you're experiencing many changes in your body.

Read the following information from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and learn how pregnancy affects your ability to exercise and how exercising during pregnancy can benefit you.

Many of the physical changes caused by pregnancy affect your ability to exercise:

Joints: Due to pregnancy hormones, the ligaments that support your joints become more relaxed. Because of this added mobility in your joints, your risk of injury increases. For this reason, you should avoid bouncy, high-impact or jerky exercises.

Balance: As your pregnancy progresses, the extra weight in your belly shifts your center of gravity and stresses your joints and muscles -- particularly those in the pelvis and lower back. The result is greater instability, back pain, loss of balance, and increased risk of falling.

Heart Rate: Because your weight increases during pregnancy, your heart has to work harder. Exercise increases your heart rate and the flow of oxygen and blood to muscles and away from other parts of your body. It's crucial not to overexert yourself.

Pregnancy Workouts: Easy Beginner Exercises
Pregnancy Workouts: Easy Beginner Exercises

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