Checklist: Squeeze More Kegels Into Your Day

These important exercises can make your labor easier and help you recover from it faster. To do 'em, hold your down-there muscles (as though you're trying to stop peeing) for up to 10 seconds, then slowly relax. Repeat in sets of 10; work up to 10 sets a day.

___ Maximize your wait time -- try them while you're in line at the bank/sitting at the doctor's office/riding on the subway.

___ Skip TiVo for a change and flex your muscles during TV commercial breaks.

___ Set up an alert in your work calendar so you?ll remember to start your day with a set.

___ Associate the exercises with specific daily routines, like showering, driving to work or brushing your teeth.

___ Do one set every time the phone rings, for example, or after anything else that occurs regularly throughout your day.

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