Pregnancy Exercise Essentials

Gearing up for fitness during and after pregnancy is easy. Just check out our list and get ready to go.

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Comfy & Supportive Shoes

Make sure to pick comfortable shoes with plenty of arch support. You're exercising for two, so make sure you don't put added stress on your back with improper cushioning.

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Lots of Layers

Layers of comfortable clothing are always a smart choice. During pregnancy, you need to watch your temperature to ensure you're not overheating -- shed an outer layer if you start to feel too warm.

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Pregnancy Workouts: How to Stay Motivated

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The Right Bra

Before you prepare for your next workout, make sure you have a supportive bra that fits right. An ill-fitting bra will contribute to back pain later on.

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Water, Water, Water!

Always remember to keep hydrated, whether you're exercising or not, when you're pregnant. Grab a bottle of water (or two!) before you head out the door.

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Energy-Boosting Snacks

Tote a small, healthy snack, like fruit, half a sandwich, or a bag of trail mix, along to your workout session. You'll need to refuel soon after your workout. Don't be stuck hungry in a traffic jam on your way home.

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Celebrity Pregnancy Workout: Finish Strong

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A Cool-Down Washcloth

When you need to cool off, a washcloth or a baby wipe is a refreshing and safe bet -- and it will help keep your body temperature in check.

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Cell Phone & Safety Items

If you're walking outside, at the gym, or working out at home, it's always smart to keep your cell phone handy. When you're out and about, consider also packing mace and/or a whistle, some money, and your ID, just in case.

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More Prenatal Workout Ideas

Now that you've packed prenatal workout essentials, you're ready to get some exercise! Try these safe and fun ideas:

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