Breast Changes Before and After Baby

2nd & 3rd Trimester Breast Changes

"I'd heard that my breasts would get larger, but that still didn't prepare me for what I've experienced. I've gone from 'Wow -- look at me!' to 'This is a joke, right?'" says Denise Chas, of Smyrna, Delaware. "They keep getting bigger every week, and yet people say, 'Wait until your milk comes in.' I'm a little scared!"

As you approach the halfway point of pregnancy, breast tenderness usually eases and your breasts gain the capacity to provide milk. Some women experience leakage from their breasts, which is normal. The fluid you see is colostrum, the precursor to breast milk. You may start to notice stretch marks on your breasts, and the Montgomery glands (those small bumps dotting the areola) begin to enlarge. Your breasts (and your belly) might also start to itch as the skin stretches. To soothe them, apply a moisturizer after showering and at bedtime.

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