Stretching of the Ligaments

What are the sharp twinges in my right lower abdomen?


I am 25 weeks pregnant and have been having sharp twinges in my right lower abdomen for the past three days. The pains don't seem to be related to fetal movement or to walking, bending down, or any other movement. They occur about every one to five minutes or so and last just a second. Tylenol doesn't help, but the pain is really more worrisome than painful. Does this sound like round ligament/stretching pains or could it be something more serious?


The most common cause for pain like this is the stretching of the round ligaments. However, I would recommend calling your physician and let him or her know about the complaint, just to be sure and to put your mind at ease. Preterm labor can present in several different ways and it is best if you are examined by your physician to rule out a more serious cause to your pain.

Any time you have a concern as such, a phone call to your ob-gyn is okay. Don't worry about bothering them -- they are there for you.

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