Pregnancy Symptoms & Complaints: Leg Cramps

Experiencing leg cramps during pregnancy? Sharp and painful, these lower-leg cramps often crop up during the second and third trimesters. Keep reading to find out what causes leg pain during pregnancy--and how to feel better!

What causes leg cramps during pregnancy?

If you've ever had a "charley horse," then you're already familiar with the kind of leg pain that many women encounter during pregnancy. No one is entirely sure why these sharp, unpleasant leg cramps during pregnancy happen -- especially during the second and third trimesters--but doctors theorize that it may have to do with the pressure of the uterus on certain nerves, fatigue, or decreased circulation in your legs from the pressure of the baby on blood vessels. In any case, you may be awakened with sudden painful spasms in your calf muscles (they most often occur at night). They aren't fun, but they're not usually cause for concern, either, unless they persist and are severe, in which case you should tell your healthcare provider.

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