How New Technologies Can Help Influence Whether You'll Conceive a Boy or a Girl

Sex-Selection Folk Wisdom

Some people tout these no-tech ways for conceiving a son or daughter. We offer no guarantees!

  • Choose the right position. The rear-entry position is supposedly best for couples wanting a boy because it deposits the male sperm closer to the egg and farther away from the vagina's acidic environment. Try the missionary position to go for a girl because shallow penetration makes it harder for weaker male sperm to reach the egg.
  • Go for the "O." (If you want a boy, that is.) When a woman climaxes, the vagina becomes less acidic and more alkaline, which makes it easier for male sperm to survive. Plus the contractions that accompany an orgasm help move the male sperm into the cervix.
  • Monitor the moon. Women's menstrual cycles (and therefore ovulation) can be affected by the monthly push and pull of the moon's electromagnetic field. For a girl, have sex when the moon is full; for a boy, when there's a quarter moon.
  • Watch what you eat. Six weeks before trying for a baby, start a diet rich in potassium (red meats, vegetables, and salt) if you want a boy, or one that's high in calcium and magnesium (milk, cheese, cereals, beans) if you want a girl. These diets are thought to change a woman's pH level, which may determine the gender of the baby she conceives.

A World Out of Whack

Opponents of sex selection worry about what it would do to the natural balance of males and females. In a Cleveland State University study, as many as 94 percent of parents who favored sex selection said they'd want their firstborn to be a son. "A nation of little sisters would negatively affect women's roles in society," says Sujatha Jesudason, director of the Program on Gender, Justice, and Human Genetics at the Center for Genetics and Society, in Oakland, California.

Many think more parents would choose boys overall -- a reality that has already had a significant impact on large segments of the world. One study estimates that, globally, there are as many as 80 million fewer females due to selective abortions and infanticide. In China, for example, there are 117 boys born for every 100 girls (the normal average is about 106 boys for every 100 girls). Sociologists think that this imbalance is already creating social havoc in these societies.

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