Are You Having a Boy or a Girl?

Do Gender Prediction Kits Actually Work?

Instead of waiting for a sonogram, some preggos are finding out at home.

A slew of gender-prediction kits has sprung up at drugstores in recent years, and some claim to accurately predict a baby's gender as early as five to seven weeks into a pregnancy. Peeing in a cup or pricking your finger and sending a blood sample to a lab for DNA testing is easy enough, but these aren't surefire methods.

Among the kits, urine tests, which check for the presence of testosterone as early as ten weeks, are the least expensive and also the least accurate. Kits that use a blood sample to detect gender are imprecise as well (your bathroom isn't a quality-controlled lab!) and pricey (often upward of $300). If you have more money than patience, you may want to try one, but don't paint the nursery till you get a sono!

Originally published in the October 2011 issue of American Baby magazine. Updated October 2012.

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