Boy or Girl?: Three Moms' Stories of Gender Selection

Method: Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

Mom: Laura Johns-Stevenshi

  • Why she tried gender selection: "My husband and I each came to our marriage with two daughters. We wanted a boy so my husband's name could be carried on and so we could have a different parenting experience."
  • Strategy: Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)
  • Experience: "We felt very strongly that we would only have another child if we could be sure it would be a boy, so PGD was the only method we considered. Before we made our final decision, I asked my pastor what he thought and he told us that if God didn't want this to be, he wouldn't have given us the knowledge to do it. I have to say that getting all of those shots for the fertility drugs was pretty stressful. But it never entered my mind to back out, because I was confident that I'd be rewarded with a baby boy in the end."
  • Outcome: "The first round of PGD produced eight embryos but they were all females. We froze them and are considering donating them to a family who needs them. We are eager to try another round, so I'll be starting my fertility drugs when I start my next period."

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